• Site Survey

    A site survey is the starting point for all of our services. This survey is free of charge and is essential for evaluating your security requirements. On many site surveys we have found that our clients have more personnel than they require, yet gaps remain in their security. This is largely due to the fact that risks have not been fully identified, and guards have not been properly trained to deal with those risks. By reducing personnel numbers, many clients are able to lower costs while improving security.

    Site surveys are conducted by our highly-trained and experienced security professionals. They identify risks and develop a plan to manage those risks. This plan will be provided in the form of a report. It is recommended that site surveys are conducted prior to engaging Europa Security and are subsequently reviewed on a regular basis.

  • Customised Solutions

    We are a team of subject matter experts who have a holistic knowledge and expertise in enabling fully efficient safety and security solutions

    We conduct analysis/surveys to provide clients fully customized solutions for their security needs. Through our knowledge and expertise of security requirements coupled with an expanding base, we implement solutions that are advanced than industry standards.

    Europa provides specialized services to the following verticals:

    - Embassies and Diplomatic Mission
    - Banking and Financial Services
    - Manufacturing and Logistics
    - Hospitals and Healthcare
    - Educational Institutions
    - Hotels and Hospitality
    - Diplomatic Missions
    - Infrastructure
    - Residential
    - IT/ITES
    - Telecom
    - Others

  • Accountable Approach

    Any accountable business promotes sustainable growth and ensures client satisfaction. Europa safeguards residential properties, workplaces and communities by providing security solutions as per clients’ needs. This is in the zest to protect people’s assets and maintain their ability to focus on their core business. We also make sure that our employees receive a timely remuneration.

    • Motivated Employees: Europa provides an enriching atmosphere to its employees so that they keep up their level of energy, work with commitment, passion and apply creativity to their job.

    • Compliance: We abide by the laws as we truly understand our responsibility, and ensure that we are being compliant as per government regulations and industry practices.

    • Professional Training: Training programs are inclusive of Basic training, Pre-assignment, Onsite, Refresher and Specialized trainings.

    • Vigilance and Night Patrolling: Through an automated application the guard on duty can give missed calls to Europa security control center at fixed timelines.

    • Account Support Manager and Cluster Structure: We make sure that there is a specific dedicated support manager for our client account who can responsibly carry out operations. We work at the very basic grass root level for precise monitoring.

    • 24 x 7 control rooms: In times of emergency and crisis situations, round the clock control rooms provide assistance to our valued customers.

    • Quick Response Team: Quick response teams deputed PAN India are equipped with essential communication tools, quick response vans, armed guards and trained security personnel(s).

    • Transparency: ‘Transparency is the first step towards building trust’ therefore, we ensure transparency in all our operations by imbibing practices which keep our people well informed and motivated.

    • PSARA Certified and Police Notified/Verified: Under Private Security Agencies Registration Act (PSARA) 2005, we are equipped with all necessary verifications.

  • Manned Guarding

    Europa Security provide a comprehensive range of manned-guarding services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. With Europa Security you will get a guard trained to the highest standard who has also been fully briefed on your specific requirements. All our guards are smartly dressed in our distinctive uniform and carry ID and are equipped with the latest technology and communications. We provide every category of professional security guard including:

    Static and Retail Guards
    Mobile Patrols and Rapid Response
    VIP and Close Protection
    Discreet and Undercover
    Crowd Control and Event Management

    We cover all sectors including Banks, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Public Buildings, Tourist Locations, Transport Hubs, Airports, Commercial and Office Units, Retail, Hotels and Industrial Units.

    All our services are tailored to our clients’ needs, resulting in a cost-effective solution offering maximum security and protection. We pride ourselves in the training each guard receives, which is to the highest international standard. Each guard is firstly vetted and then must undergo and pass our detailed training course before being deployed. They are then briefed on our clients’ specific requirements and are familiar with the risks associated with that premises.

    They are supervised on an on-going basis to ensure that the highest of standards are being maintained. We encourage client feedback to continuously improve. Our supervisors and managers are highly-trained security professionals, many of whom are ex-military or ex-police.

  • Cash & Valuables In Transit and Cash Management

    Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) is the transportation of cash or valuables (jewellery, diamonds, gold, and bonds etc.) from one location to another. Cash-in-Transit operatives are subject to the highest standards of training and security. Europa Security offers a full range of cash transport services that suit the varying needs of small, medium and large companies.

    Once cash has been collected, it is placed in a safe on the security vehicle and transported to the nearest Europa Security branch. Cash is then transported over-night to the bank of choice and banked the next working day.

    Europa Security offers tailored cash collection and delivery services to meet the specific needs of its customers. A team of trained security officers manages physical collection and delivery services.

    Europa Security uses the very latest security technology, minimizing cross-pavement attack and eliminating risk-exposure for our customers, their staff and the general public.

    Cash delivery can be provided either as a stand-alone service or combined with cash collections. Our flexible cash collection and delivery solutions are designed to support and enhance your business, allowing you to focus on more profitable activities.

    PSA licensed
    International Expertise & Knowledge
    Technology - Advanced Tracking & IT systems
    Tailored, Customer Focused Solutions
    Eliminates costly staff trips
    Eliminates customer exposure to high street attack
    Complete client peace of mind

  • ATM Services

    Europa Security provides a full life-cycle cash management service which includes, replenishment, maintenance, installation and upgrade of ATM machines.

    Europa Security offers a complete bespoke ATM solution and clients have the option to select elements of our total offering. We manage the cash-cycle, replenish existing units or provide full maintenance services. This option-based service ensures our customers are provided with maximum flexibility. As part of our comprehensive range of ATM services we offer:

    • Full Maintenance

      Our field-based engineering team can deliver multi-manufacturer maintenance to your ATM network. Ranging from first and second-line services through to a full end-to-end solution, with full call management.

    • Helpdesk

      Europa Security offers a full helpdesk service, manned by fully trained staff, 365 days per year. By utilizing our integrated service-management tool we ensure that we constantly exceed your service level requirements.

    • Cash Replenishment

      Replenishment is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Europa Security actively manages replenishment based on the planned, scheduled or pre-determined average balance of an ATM. Alternatively this can be performed upon notice from an ATM Centre or monitoring system.

    • Cash Cycle Management & Load Forecasting

      The intervals and quantities required for replenishing each cash point are coordinated by Europa Security which will ensure the highest availability. Cash is fully monitored at all times and our cash-cycle management and load-forecasting reduces the total cost, while increasing security and cash availability. We additionally offer cassette-management optimizing the utilization and operation of this expensive resource.

    • Bulk Till Management

      Europa Security offers the option of holding bulk cash within our cash-centre network on behalf of our clients. This consolidated cash management procedure can enhance our replenishment service as well as reducing cash movement through the recycling of returned notes.

    • Full Hardware Installation Services

      Europa Security provides complete staging and professional project management facilities, whether single machines or a major roll out, including ATM storage, software loading, distribution and logistics, fitting and installation, commissioning and training.

    • Parts Supply & Management

      In partnership with ATM manufacturers, our engineers carry the most common replacement components, and are supported by our central warehouse. Our integrated systems fully manage parts to ensure faults are attended to and the issues resolved efficiently.

    • 24 x 7 Alarm Response Services

      In instances where an ATM room or site has been attacked or compromised, we will dispatch our guards to the site within agreed timeframes.

    • Depository Collection, Processing & Banking

      Simply put - ATM in reverse. Customers place cash or funds in a drop-safe and Europa Security will collect it. We deliver the cash to a designated bank or process it and credit it to an account directly.

    • Some key features and benefits of our ATM Services

      PSA Licensed
      Bespoke service to suit client requirements
      Use of latest technology
      Management team with international experience
      Full cash cycle management
      Comprehensive installation services
      Full maintenance services
      Load forecasting
      All ATM employees vetted and highly trained
      Other complementary security services available

  • Surveillance and CCTV

    From a simple CCTV installation to a fully manned 24 hour surveillance service, Europa Security offers a bespoke solution to suit your individual needs. Beginning with a site survey, we will evaluate your needs and design a value for money solution to offer you the best possible security. We also offer a full range of access-control systems. Using the latest technology we can ensure your premises and assets are securely protected all year round.

    The key features and benefits of Europa Security surveillance services include:

    Site survey to evaluate your requirements
    Systems specifically designed to maximise your security
    Access to the latest camera technology
    Fully manned 24 hour surveillance service
    Via cloud technology, images can be sent to your smartphone or computer
    CCTV installations
    Full access control systems
    Smart camera technology including motion detectors
    Integration with other Europa Security services
    Mobile patrols and interventions

  • Consultancy & Training

    At Europa Security we offer a bespoke set of security services and training packages that range from hi-tech to low-tech and focus on the needs of strategic decision makers as well as those they manage. We also provide a range of specialist services that facilitate and enhance your ability to do business while minimizing risk in a discreet manner.

    We also cater to those who need to upgrade or develop their tactical abilities in response to a threat. Practitioners in this area - be they state or commercial - can benefit from a range of Europa Security training packages. The services we offer meet the needs of businesses which seek to enter India’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) market, as well as those that are already engaged in India.

    We have staff who are qualified in emergency and security training with certification in running training simulations for international organisations including the UN, and various national state military and law enforcement bodies throughout Europe, but particularly Ireland and the UK.


    Many companies struggle in their early days in a new environment, their expat staff being fearful of their new surroundings and perceiving threats. Based on our experience of operating in volatile regions, we can put together a plan and a training programme which will allow you to ascertain what is the real level of threat to your business and employees.

    While all our staff have extensive international service with military, police and other international security organisations, we bring a uniquely Irish approach to solving security problems.

    This approach has been learned in field environments on a variety of UN, EU and NATO-led missions; it leaves you in a better position to go about your business in harmony with the local population rather than focusing on ‘bunkerisation’ or hiding yourself and employees behind barbed wire and hesco barricades.

    As each company is individual and unique, we can put together threat assessments which are directly relevant to your situation and its needs. In addition we can offer a training programme which will develop the situational awareness of all of your staff, but particularly those engaged in security-related activities. This enhanced awareness among your staff ensures that you will maximise your potential to keep your business and employees safe, yet in an unobtrusive manner.

    Our approach to your security planning involves developing strategies of ‘acceptance’ to ensure that you can embed your business successfully within the community and that locals see your presence as an asset rather than a liability. It can build secure links with the local community so that they, in turn, become your most effective early-warning system.

    In short, we can ensure that your business can protect itself without having to change outwardly, while maintaining a welcoming image that so many new businesses try to achieve.


    For those professionally involved in the provision of security in state environments, we can provide enhanced training and mentoring programs based on decision-making methods as practiced by senior officers in both the Irish Defence Forces and police.

    Most of our team have experience of operating and training within UN, EU and NATO-led missions. Our experience of coordinating responses across a range of diverse agencies due to emergency evacuations, hostage takings and other extreme scenarios has given us the strategic tools to help equip your organisation.

    Part of our senior management training program is based on field-tested strategies such as the UN’s ‘Saving Lives Together’ program. This saw military, police and civilian elements combine and coordinate information and practices to safeguard their staff during a particularly volatile period in Darfur.

    We also apply mentoring for senior officers to usher in new strategic thinking as was done successfully in reforming the Uganda Police Headquarters in better managing intelligence-led operations, communication in crisis and applying a national level strategy for public order policing that reduced conflict between the state and opposition parties and still allowed for peaceful protest.


    Close protection (provision of and training in)
    Hostage taking (prevention of and reaction to)
    Team management, planning and resilience building
    Risk assessment and contingency planning
    Counter surveillance training
    Open source intelligence gathering (OSINT)
    Development and management of human intelligence sources (HUMINT)
    Electronic intelligence (ELINT) practice and training
    Gathering information in open source and producing intelligence data which is relevant to your organisational needs
    Report writing and manning of operations rooms
    Training the trainer – creation of a training cycle and environment and manual writing
    Coordinating with other agencies, state and commercial, to harmonise security (this includes devising methods and protocols to deal with cultural difference and communication issues)
    Cyber defence (services and training)
    Senior management mentoring in crisis management and risk assessment
    Managing crisis, from initial defensive response to divining a full strategy to move forward
    Crisis assessment and communication – ensuring you have an accurate picture of what you are dealing with and that you have communicated your needs and intentions effectively with subordinates, superiors, client and other players
    Negotiation training and strategies when dealing with volatility

  • Facility Management Services

    Europa Security is a certified facility management services provider and thrives to deliver value added, cost effective and customer centric services to clients engaged in hospitality sector ranging from residential and commercial to corporate sector. Our services are based on the vast experience and are always tailored to suit our client’s specified needs.

    We employ experienced professionals who are familiar with the industry to provide customer centric solutions to complex financial management challenges. Our effective facility management services ensure that every job is done properly and easily, eliminating the probability of any workplace hazard. We provide comprehensive solutions to address complex facility management problems.

    We provide a bouquet of services for our clients to choose from including Cleaning & Housekeeping services, Pantry & Catering services, Property Maintenance services, Contract Staffing & Training services and Security services. These divisions cover a wide range of self-performed services and thus help us in taking complete care of our client’s assets.

    Cleaning & Housekeeping services – Europa Security understands the importance of hygienic and clean environment, therefore our services under this division cater to all needs of clients like janitorial, cleaning, landscaping etc. on a daily, periodic and special request basis.
    Pantry & Catering services – Europa Security provides well-groomed staff and experienced competent chefs for complete management of food preparation and serving activities.
    Property Maintenance services – Europa Security delivers complete property maintenance through on-site teams covering a wide array of activities like Pest Control, HVAC, Building Maintenance & Repairs, Workplace Solutions and Systematic Maintenance.
    Contract Staffing & Training services – Europa Security understands the value of its client’s time and resources and thus offers office support services like HR staffing and talent acquisitions. We help our clients to find the most qualified and experienced executives for front and back office operations and also provide contractual employees and their on-board training.
    Security services – Europa Security provides professionally trained and experienced security staff that is inducted into the job through a strict orientation and adaptation process. Our security staff covers a wide range of services including physical guarding services, armed guards, personal protection officers and key holding facilities.

    These services are offered individually as well as integrated in a “Complete Facility Management Solutions” package. We also offer tailor made packages to suit our client’s specific requirements. We focus on using trained and competent manpower and eco-friendly machinery to improve work efficiency and deliver quality services.

    Our facility management teams guarantee increased productivity by providing cost effective workflows and minimizing risk through their market expertise and knowledge of the industry. Since, the packages are tailor made as per the client requirements, we enable them to meet up the changing business requirements by backing them up with our expertise and market knowledge.